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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Emma SmithEmma Smith
1st attempt 3 driving faults - Coventry
Mike was very good when teaching me help me pass first time he was also very helpful and flexible with my lesson due to the shift at work will highly recommend him to anyone great instructor.

Tom McNairTom McNair
1st attempt 6 driving faults - Coventry
"Great experience" Started my driving lessons with mike last year and was the best choice I made. Every lesson I learnt new skills while driving with mike. Which over the weeks made my driving skills progress greatly. Mike's teaching skills are of the best quality. He's very approachable, listens, patient, offers great advice on how to improve an area where you might be weak and also tells you if your doing a great job. Mikes also helps you with planning out your learning path wether that's help booking your theory or changing lessons to suit you, to offering you DVDs, books, apps and websites to help you with your theory and practical test. I would highly recommend Mike as I passed my theory and practical test first time.

Rob HenneyRob Henney
1st attempt 2 driving faults - Coventry
Hi Mike! Thanks again for all your help -: I was able to learn alongside my university studies thanks to Mike's flexibility, punctuality and affordability. His experience and knowledge of driving tests in the local area meant I was familiar with all of the roads on my test. I really appreciated the mock tests too as I was able to find out exactly what issues were likely to hinder the progress of my test and correct them before the big day itself. Mike's patience, encouragement and great attention to detail meant that I passed first time with just two minors! Thanks again Rob

Arun MistryArun Mistry
1st attempt 1 driving faults - Coventry
I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a driving instructor. With his guidance I passed my practical driving test on my first attempt with 1 minor fault. Mike showed professionalism and diligence on very lesson. I will use the skills that Mike taught me, as a driver, for years to come.

Adam McNairAdam McNair
1st attempt 3 driving faults - Coventry
Mike has taught me, my sister and brother how to drive. We all passed first time. Just follow his instructions and advice and you will pass as a skilled safe driver.

Sam CoppardSam Coppard
2nd attempt 6 driving faults - Coventry
If you're looking for a great driving instructor, go with Mike! I tried a couple of others before him but they were both useless and a complete waste of money. Mike is the opposite. I see driving as a necessary evil rather than something enjoyable, but Mike somehow managed to make it fun and my driving improved with every lesson while still having a good laugh. He's good at spotting your mistakes and knows exactly how to change bad habits. His methods aren't set in stone either - he seems to adapt to each learner so that everyone gets a good experience, including grumpy people like me who don't like being told what to do. In short, Mike's a brilliant instructor, he's got a far higher pass rate than the average and you won't find anyone better.

Elliot Douglin
1st attempt 3 driving faults - Coventry
Passed 1st time with 3 minors, Mike was my first instructor started my driving lessons in June with Mikes help i was able to pass my driving test and theory test first time within 8 months of learning with him. He is precise and very persevering. I found the whole experience enjoyable and would highly recommend him as an instructor.

1st attempt 6 driving faults - Coventry
I decided to choose Mike as my instructor because he has had so many testimonials. When I first started learning how to drive I was really nervous and I found it quite difficult to drive due to my lack of confidence. Mike has taught me a lot and he has helped me become more confident on the road. He is really good at identifying your weaknesses and improving upon them so that you become a better driver.1st time pass. I really can't recommend him enough.

Candy LinCandy Lin
2nd attempt 10 driving faults - Coventry
Having Mike as my driving teacher makes me more confident in learning how to drive. He had been extremely patient and taught me how to park for more than 10 times until I absolutely master parking. He explained carefully with simple language, making it easier to understand. Thank you Mike for all your support and dedication.

HaeToa PengHaeToa Peng
2nd attempt 15 driving faults - Warwick
Mike is a very patient and experienced instructor. My English is not good, Mike is very nice and patient to me. Each lesson he explained all the information I need in an understandable way, and demonstrated if needed. I am a nervous guy, sometimes I don't know how to deal the situation, he is always there to help me calm down and give me feedback afterwards. He knew my weakness and prepared carefully to help me improve and overcome them. It helped a lot to let me pass my test. Mike is a strict and responsible instructor, he told me our goal is driving safely, not passing the exam. We should responsible for our lives when we are driving. It means a lot to me. By the way, Mike's car is very good and clean. It's very easy to drive. Thanks Mike.

Emma Coe StorerEmma Coe Storer
2nd attempt 7 driving faults
I can honestly say that Mike is an amazing driving instructor. I was a really reluctant anxiety ridden learner driver and without Mike I never would have succeeded. Mike is incredibly patient and supportive. Mike tailored the lessons to my needs as a learner. He really worked on my self-confidence and showed me that I could do it!

My lessons with Mike were always enjoyable and I actually miss him now that I can drive. Mike teaches you invaluable tips that stay with you when you can drive 'gears to go brakes to slow' Mike's teaching will always stay with me as a driver. Mike is a truly talented teacher who never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself as a learner driver at times, he persists and pushes you in the best way possible.

I can't thank Mike enough for helping me realise my dream of driving.

Stacey PortburyStacey Portbury
1st attempt 7 driving faults - Warwick
I had 2 instructors before Mike and I have to say Mike was by far the most dedicated and committed instructor. I would recommend him because he is thorough and he aims for perfections and gets you driving safely, competently and gives you the correct skills to start your learning driving experience. He pushed me in an encouraging way and believed in my abilities. He is very helpful and has alot of patience and has been a strong guide in my 3 months of learning to drive. Thanks to Mike, I passed 1st time round and to him I am grateful. If I can pass first time with Mike, so can you!!! Thanks Mike for giving me the confidence to drive and you are an excellent teacher.

Catherine AskewCatherine Askew
1st attempt 7 driving faults - Warwick
Mike is an incredibly patient and positive instructor, which is exactly what you need when learning to drive. He teaches you to drive WELL, not just to be good enough to pass a test. I'm so grateful to him for his dedication, and for finally managing to convince me that I can indeed drive!

Naime HusseinNaime Hussein
2nd attempt 7 driving faults - Coventry
Having mike make me to believe my self and increase my confidence. He was helpful and easy to understand. Mike helped me to believe that I may actually be a good driver, and he corrected all my mistakes. Thank you Mike for all patients. You're the best teacher I have ever had.

Mark GilmourMark Gilmour
1st attempt 3 driving faults - Warwick
Just passed my driving test with Mike at the first attempt, found Mike to be a really laid back instructor who was really good at explaining all the different aspects of driving from start to finish, I would hugely recommend Mike to anyone and will do so. It also helped that Mike is a really nice guy. all in all a great experience, thank you Mike.

Jamie SlevinJamie Slevin
2nd attempt 3 driving faults - Coventry
Mike was extremely patient and ensures he instills safe driving habits at an early stage whilst making it a good laugh along the way.

Qudos OzigiQudos Ozigi
1st attempt 10 driving faults - Warwick
I passed my driving test first time because Mike was very supportive and pushed for perfection during my driving lessons. Mike was very good at identifying my weaknesses and bad habits and developed ways of fixing them. Mike was also very good at explaining things I didn't understand and helped build my confidence on the road. I definitely would recommend Mike to anyone as he is a top driving instructor, has a very friendly approach and teaches you to become a safe and competent driver.

Ray GodwinRay Godwin
2nd attempt 3 driving faults - Coventry
Mike is a brilliant instructor. Very pleased to be driving at last, especially as a new job depended on it.

Carl MalcolmCarl Malcolm
1st attempt 3 driving faults - Coventry
Michael is a patient, thorough instructor and learning with him was a pleasure. He puts a lot of thought and planning into his lessons which shows in his pass rate. I passed first time with three minors and I know I would have struggled to do this without Michael's attention to detail. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any friends and family.

Mike BurkeMike Burke
3rd attempt 2 driving faults - Warwick
This man is genius, has the patience of a Saint and is definitely the instructor to get you through your test! Don't waste your money elsewhere, buy into Mikes theory and you will achieve you goal!

Ellen McCannEllen McCann
2nd attempt 3 driving faults - Coventry
After having six different instructors over a period of six years on and off, I would definitely recommend Mike. Mike really pays attention to detail and aims to perfect all the skills you need to pass the test which I finally did thanks to him!

Rebecca MoseleyRebecca Moseley
2nd attempt 2 driving faults - Coventry
Mike is a fantastic driving instructor. Mike dealt with my low confidence levels which was very low. Mike gets to know your personality and adopts his teaching to suit your needs. I would recommend mike to other people.

India FosterIndia Foster
2nd attempt 9 driving faults - Coventry
In one word Mike is AWESOME. But as Mikes knows I am a thorough person and I like manm my words. haha Well, after 2 years, a lot of money, stress and 4 fails I got to Mike a bit of a wreck when it came to driving. My confidence was shattered and on tests 3/4 I had had actual full blown panic attacks. Mike sorted me out in less than 6 months. Mike teaches skills AND attitude and this is a great combination. He keeps you focused on the task at hand but is also a lot of fun and a good laugh. Mike taught me to have faith in my own judgment and to do gears, gas, go at roundabouts (my nemesis)instead of gears, gas...slowwwwww. I have now been driving a few weeks and love that I can drive and drive with confidence. NOT arrogance, but the kind of confidence you need in order to be a good and safe driver. At almost 30 with two young children driving has made everything a lot easier. Knowing straight away that I would be driving with my precious cargo had made me over cautious, hesitant and the failures had made me a nervous wreck. Mike turned all of this around and now I feel safe and competent (even with screaming children in the car!). I could not recommend Mile highly enough. I had no issues with my original instructor at all but knew I needed a change and once I had made it I had broken the awful cycle I was in and Mike taught me things that helped make driving easier. Whether you are looking for your first instructor or for a change.... pick MIKE. The day I passed my test will take a lot of beating...I get married soon and not sure I will be as thrilled! haha. Thank you so much Mike, you have helped me and my family infinitely.

Chris Lawlor
I just wanted to say what a fantastic instructor Mike is. I had failed my test a few times before coming to Mike who taught me some basic skills (that my previous instructors did not) which gave us a template to build upon. Over time my skill, safety and confidence increased, all thanks to Mike's excellent tuition, patience and understanding. He takes the time to understand how you think and what makes you make the mistakes that you do and proceeds to fix them. A fantastic instructor, to whom I will be recommending anyone I know who wants to learn to drive. Thanks Mike!

Selly Rajagukguk
1st attempt 6 driving faults - Warwick
Mike is not only a driving instructor to me, but he is also a great teacher & motivator. He teaches all driving techniques, from the fundamental concept, theory, and practice on the road, really really well. He's also very patient, and a bit perfectionist, which turns out to be what I really need from a driving instructor. I was extremely nervous before the practical test, but he really encouraged and motivated me, and he believed that I can pass the test. And.. voila..!!!. I did pass the test! Just hear what he tells you what to do. Thanks, Mike!

Callum ScottCallum Scott
1st attempt 7 driving faults - Coventry
Started my learning process on May 2nd and passed my test on May 16th... What a teacher!

Maisie SloosMaisie Sloos
1st attempt 5 driving faults - Warwick
Mike is a fantastic driving instructor. Mike dealt with my anxiety and low confidence levels perfectly enabling me to gain the experience i needed to ensure i became a successful and competent driver. I managed to pass first time, even with nerves, demonstrating just what a good instructor he is. Thanks Mike!

Sid BajpaiSid Bajpai
1st attempt 6 driving faults - Warwick
Thanks a lot Mike for teaching and helping me to become a safe and good driver. I passed my test in first attempt. Mike is not only a good instructor but a excellent teacher who helps you to develop the confidence and helps you become a good and safe driver through out your life. He has a high degree of patience as well as he is a fun loving person, which makes learning very easy for the pupil. He is enthusiastic and loves to teach. I will definitely recommend Mike to anyone who wish to learn driving. He explains in detail and helped me in pointing out my errors (major and minor) and eliminate those errors permanently. Thanks a lot Mike. Thank you very very much. You are simply great !!!!! Sid

Pratish ShendyPratish Shendy
1st attempt 9 driving faults - Warwick
"Strive for Perfection", this was Mikes motto throughout all our driving lessons. His approach is simple yet well planned and effective. In the first few lessons Mike will ensure that you are absolutely comfortable with the car as well as his teaching style. A thorough professional in his teaching, yet quite friendly to help you get rid of any nervousness and gives a good dose of confidence when required. He is quite patient during the lessons and promptly identifies and rectifies the most basic and minute errors which one may commit. Driving lessons are more of an interactive session, wherein Mike ensures that all the queries are satisfactorily solved, either verbally or via practical demonstrations. He was more than happy and accommodating, when I wanted to cover a particular test route or manoeuvre to clear my doubts. Driving with Mike was a fantastic experience and would highly recommend to anyone, who wishes to develop a Good and Safe driving skillset. Thank you for all the valuable lessons taught and helping me Pass my test, it was an absolute pleasure training with you.

Grace GondoGrace Gondo
1st attempt 10 driving faults - Coventry
I passed 1st time with mike because he pushed to get the best from me always. he was very patient and explained things clearly. thanx mike for teaching me a valuable life long skill.

3rd attempt 6 driving faults - Warwick
Mike is a friendly and professional driving instructor. He has been extremely patient on teaching me being a life-time safe driver. Mike was always prompt and the car was very clean and lovely to drive.He would always made me feel more comfortable and at ease during each lesson.Mike was able to figure out the weakest point and bad habits on my driving and focus on helping me overcome those all along.I finally gained more confidence on driving and really enjoyed it. I have also taken the Pass Plus with Mike and recommended him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. Thanks Mike and LDC.

1st attempt 10 driving faults - Coventry
Mike is a great teacher. confidence wasn't my main issue but focus really was. my (frequent) lapses in concentration would have frustrated most, but mike was patient, talked me through a fair few mental blanks, and i managed to concentrate long enough to pass first time! i think mike adapts to what his students need, he susses out what makes you tick and irons out any issues. he obviously cares about what he does. i'd rate mike to anybody, i've already handed out a few of his cards.

Jonathon BrandtJonathon Brandt
1st attempt 10 driving faults - Coventry
I did 40 hours semi-intensive spread over five weeks. Mike is a brilliant tutor, he will get you to reach your full potential and get the most out of each lesson. Mike also has his own quirky ways to help you break bad habits and practice skills out of the drivers seat. It's been a pleasure driving with him. He teaches not only to pass the test, but to make you a good driver for life.

David ColbyDavid Colby
1st attempt 3 driving faults - Warwick
Thank you for your fantastic teaching and helping me pass my test. It is fair to say that mike is one of the most charismatic and patient people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. When you start he immediately puts you at ease and is dedicated to ensuring you pass, but ultimately have a good time and enjoy driving. Mike is a fantastic driving instructor full of enthusiasm and has the patients of a saint. I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive and who wants to enjoy it and have fun at the same time.

Katherine HughesKatherine Hughes
1st attempt 4 driving faults - Warwick
I passed first time with mike in only 4 months with 4 minors. mike is a brilliant teacher, he explains anything if you don't understand. The LDC system is a great way of learning too as you can see how far you have progressed. Thanks mike!

Jason De'nousseJason De'nousse
3rd attempt 6 driving faults - Coventry
I had found myself going from one driving instructor to the next, but I am glad that I finally found mike as he explained everything thoroughly and clearly. I failed my test a few times, but mike was able to pinpoint my errors and he got them right out of me. absolute gentleman to drive with, easy to get on with and very approachable. I will definitely be recommending mike to family and friends.

Stuart AtkinStuart Atkin
1st attempt 2 driving faults - Coventry
I passed first time with mike, only conceeding two minors on my test, mike turned me from a nervous and anxious driver into a safe, confident and efficient driver. Cheers Mike.

Amy RowlesAmy Rowles
2nd attempt 7 driving faults - Coventry
Mike is a fantastic driving instructor and i would highly recommend him. mike gets to know your personality and adapts he's teaching to suit. how he has put up with me i don't know ... a drama queen and a cry baby! he is a very thorough teacher and wants perfection, his teaching is of a very high standard. mike helped me understand the theory behind the driving as well which is a huge help! as well as a good teacher you can have a good laugh with mike, very easy to get along with! i think i will actually miss learning to drive! thank you so much for getting me through my test mike!! :)

Kieran McGregorKieran McGregor
3rd attempt 6 driving faults - Coventry
Mike is a brilliant instructor ! so patient and so precise and gives you great confidence ! would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Claire MawdsleyClaire Mawdsley
(1st attempt 8 driving faults - Coventry)
What can I say about learning to drive with mike? having had a bad experience with other instructors I was nervous and lacking in confidence. mike very quickly put me at ease and made learning to drive fun. Mike is thorough, identifies any bad habits very quickly and fixes them and more importantly he goes at your pace. I never thought I would be sat having passed my test first time but my lessons with mike more than prepared me. I have and will continue to recommend mike to my friends, family and anyone because I know that he is a great instructor and won't let them down. Thanks for all of your support mike, those lessons in the dark really were worth it!!

Anthea PooleAnthea Poole
(1st attempt 7 driving faults - Warwick)
Thank you mike for helping me pass my driving test 1st time!!! mike is an excellent driving instructor, very patient, helps to build your confidence and wants nothing but perfection. mike worked me out straight away as if he had known me for years, he knew my weaknesses and strengths. i felt very comfortable learning with mike and we had such a laugh, very easy to get on with. I will miss my driving lessons... thanks mike!!

San PatelSan Patel
(1st attempt 2 driving faults - Warwick)
Having passed my driving test first time with 2 faults it is fair to say that michael is an excellent driving instructor who covers every possible element of driving during his lessons. since my first lesson with michael until my very last, i gained immensely from his experience and patience as an instructor and how he structures his lessons using the LDC system. michael recognises your weaknesses early on and will work to eliminate them throughout your time with him and is good at curing bad habits. most importantly, michael adds an element of humour and fun to his lessons which definitely helps ease the nerves that you feel when first driving. i would definitely 100% recommend michael to everyone who is looking for a quality instructor and would like to say thanks to him for getting me through my test on my first attempt michael's pass record speaks for itself!!!

James MurphyJames Murphy
(1st attempt 6 driving faults - Coventry)
Couldn't recommend him enough as a driving instructor, not only does he teach you the skills to drive safely and pass your test first time, he is also good at judging how you are coping with the mental side of driving, which are the nerves and mistakes you will make. This means he is a very good at judging the pace in which you are comfortable at learning with. As many of the other comments have said his sense of humour combined with his teaching style helps increase your confidence and make the lessons enjoyable!!!

Hollie MedcraftHollie Medcraft
(1st attempt 5 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike is a great instructor, he does not just teach you to pass the test, he teaches you to drive well and safely. He is reliable, patient and knowledgeable. Mike is great for nervous beginners (like I was) because he is always so calm and he really gives you confidence that you can do it. I can't recommend Mike highly enough as it is down to his fantastic driving instruction that I passed first time … YAY!! Thanks for eveything Mike! :) Thanks Hollie

Ibrahim GonjobeIbrahim Gonjobe
(2nd attempt 6 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike has been a perfect driving instructor for me, he likes teaching to perfection which made me perfect to pass my test. he explains and demonstrates all you need to know about driving throught the lessons which makes it easier to learn and improve your driving skills. I am recommending any new learner out there to go for Mike because you will surely learn to drive perfectly and safely & on top of it all Pass your test. Thanks Mike Ibrahim

Luke KrisiuleviciusLuke Krisiulevicius
(2nd Attempt 10 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike is a very patient instructor and is very thorough when explaining things. I had bad habits I needed to break and with Mikes help we did this. Very professional and easy to build a rapport with. I only passed my second time but would certainly recommend him to other wanting to learn to drive. Kind Regards, Luke Krisiulevicius

Mark PerrymanMark Perryman
(2nd Attempt 15 driving faults - Coventry)
I wanted to pass quickly, so took 30hrs of lessons spread over a couple of weeks. Mike was incredibly professional and supportive, correcting the small things that could fail a test. He knows what he is talking about, and is full of helpful advice and useful anecdotes. Although the first test didn't quite come off, 8 more hours was enough to pass the test second time around. Mike's record speaks for itself. Thank you for all your help in getting through the test. Mark Perryman

Hannah Durham Hannah Durham
(1st attempt - 9 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike is a very patient and thorough driving instructor, and leaves nothing to chance for the day of the test. I'd recommendhim especially for nervous drivers. Thanks Hannah

Ameet KeskarAmeet Keskar
(1st attempt - 4 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike teaches you more than just driving during the lessons. The right temperament, observations and most important the attitude or approach towards driving. I had previous experience of driving from other countries, but driving in UK was a different challenge which included the rules, regulations and a prejudice that one cannot pass driving test easily and passing it for the first time would be next to impossible. Good thing about Mike was that he used to discuss at every step and try to understand my thinking process behind the actions for improvement. This whole thing proved really good for me and I passed in my first attempt with just 4 minor faults. Credit goes to Mike. I would recommend Mike to anyone irrespective of age or experience in driving. He makes learning easy for the students with his witty humour and thorough professionalism. Thank you Mike, previously I knew driving but now I have started enjoying it and definitely become a better driver.

Ashand MitraAshand Mitra
(1st attempt - 4 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike is all you need in a driving instructor; professional, to-the-point and honest. He'll instruct you on how to be a safe and competent driver, rather than focusing on passing the test. I had a number of bad habits, which we were able to break (to an extent!) using his approach. As far as I'm concerned he's highly recommended. Again, thanks very much for the help Mike. All the best...Ashand

John Docherty John Docherty
(2nd attempt - 3 driving faults - Coventry)
I would like to thank mike for his expert tuition and getting me to the safe standard of driving required to pass the test. He has an excellent approach to teaching people to drive which is essential as everybody is different. I have had a small amount of driving experience before i started learning with mike, and quickly built a great rappor with him. No matter your ability i can guarantee mike will get you through your test. Would 100% reccommend mike to anyone wanting to learn to drive. TOP BLOKE!!!!!!

(4th attempt - 10 driving faults - Coventry)
I would like to thank Mike for his invaluable assistance teaching me and assisting me through my driving exam. Not only did he have to teach me to drive, but also all the rules and highway code for the United Kingdom and it's driving tests as the Uk is not my first home and i have not been brought up learning the rules of the road here. Thanks Mike Roohallah

Louise TaylorLouise Taylor
(3rd attempt - 6 driving faults - Coventry)
I believe the key to passing your test is to find the right instructor. Mike is your man! After 5 instructors I finally passed my test with Mike. Mike has a great way of teaching; he is definitely the best instructor I have had. He was so patient with me and kept me calm in every situation. He made me feel at ease with his witty sense of humour, hilarious at times J (Bedworth town centre…motorised scooters everywhere!) He gave me so much confidence, as he believed in me, giving encouragement when I needed (all the time) and knowing when my brain had reached its daily capacity. Everything you said made so much sense. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Mike your just brilliant, thank you so much.

Clive KirkClive Kirk
(1st attempt - 5 driving faults - Warwick)
I started out on my lessons not wanting to drive but having to in order to get on with life, I had many fears and was over cautious. Mike learnt how I tick quite fast and with that if he pushed me too far he changed it up and everything flowed, I never thought as if I didn't learn anything. Mikes preventative teaching method worked wonders, knowing common bad habits and doing away with them before they start, if anything did crop up then we focus on correcting it. it has been a pleasure learning with Mike and I expect to be doing pass plus in the near future. Thanks Mike!

Sarah HancockSarah Hancock
(1st attempt - 5 driving faults - Warwick)

Tony SmithTony Smith
(2nd attempt - 2 driving faults - Coventry)
I think the fact that I only got 2 faults says an awful lot about the way Mike teaches. He is very thorough and covers every aspect of driving leaving nothing to chance. I used the LDC Semi-Intensive course (30 hours) but spread it over a few weeks as I didn't want it too intensive. Having a structured teaching method and Mike coaching me through the course was excellent and I'm sure I learnt alot quicker. I certaintly feel a very safe driver. Thanks Mike I'll look out for you.

Andi SurgaAndi Surga
(1st attempt - 3 driving faults - Warwick)
After years of driving, I wasn't so sure that I could pass my retest as some habit had been developed. As some say bad habits die hard, after few lessons I know that Mike is patient and really constructive in the lessons rather than being criticising about my driving.

The way mock test conducted was very helpful. Other than just ticking the test report form, he gave many feedbacks on every mistake I made. In the end, I managed to pass my test with only 3 minors. He was reliable, professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Ross KnightRoss Knight
(1st attempt - 12 driving faults - Coventry)
I would like to thank Mike for getting me through my test at the first time with only 8 hours practice. I had taken one of those intensive courses up in Blackpool, I wouldn't recommend them. However the LDC method of driving made things really clear. Reading 'The Driving Skills Workbook really helped me to focus on every little aspect of my driving, and then with Mike's tutition, well you know the rest.Cheers Mike.

Grace McPheatorsGrace McPheators
(1st attempt - 7 driving faults - Coventry)
I would recommend Mike to anyone looking to learn to drive. Mike is a brilliant driving instructor! I previously had two other instructors, which were very poor quality now that I compare them to Mikes teaching. He is committed to teaching learners to be safe competent drivers, he goes the extra mile, finding the best teaching style to suit your needs. Mike makes sure that you understand the theory behind driving as well which is massively important. Mike has got me through my test as quickly as possible without rushing over the material. I felt like I was making massive progress every single lesson. Mikes lessons are fantastic value for money and enjoyable. I am also doing my Pass Plus course with Mike and have found it to be very useful especially the motorway driving, and town centre driving - the ring road lesson was great! Thanks again Mike :)

Velma BonnerVelma Bonner
(2nd attempt - 9 driving faults - Warwick)
Many thanks Mike for getting me through my driving test. I am sure that there were times when I've tested you to the limit, but your patience and sense of humour made it a pleasure to be taught by you. And you always knew how to get me to focus on my driving when I had other things on my mind. I have seen some of the rest and you are definitely one of the best. Indeed your record speaks for itself. I still remember some of your adages... "make progress not speed", and "These signs are for you".

If you want to be guaranteed a pass, Mike's your man. All the best ......Velma

Debbie SouthwellDebbie Southwell
(1st attempt - 12 driving faults - Warwick)
Now that it has had a little time to sink in I wanted to say a hugh thankyou for getting me through my test. I maintain it was dpwn to the circumstances that allowed me to pass, but you are right when you say that I must have the driving skills, and I'm sure the confidence will come in time.

I enjoyed our time during lessons and never thought learning to drive would involve so much laughter, especially during our emergency stop lesson..!! I could never have learnt without your level of teaching flexability and your willingness to adapt to my way of learning and remembering things. Take care love Debbie.

Mike : Debbie nobody flukes a driving test.....you make your own luck.........and yes it was a real laugh teaching you....thankyou..

Barry MassonBarry Masson
(1st attempt - 8 driving faults - Coventry)
Dear mike, just a massive thank you for getting me through to a first time pass, its been a real pleasure, you are a fantastic instructor, giving encouragement when needed and knowing when my brain had reached its daily capacity. i thought i was going to be your nemesis, with a vision of me doing three or four tests. But low and behold with your great tutoring you got me through, i still can not believe it 'a FIRST TIME PASS ' Kind regards barry

Jenny Wisdom Jenny Wisdom
(2nd attempt - 5 driving faults - Warwick)
"I would definitely recommend Mike to any learner driver. He was very patient and understanding throughout, and really helped build my confidence during his lessons. Mike is very thorough in his teaching, and made sure I didn't develop any bad habits. He really prepares you well for your test, and tailored his lessons to the areas I needed to develop the most. Mike offers really useful feedback, and the 'homework' set from the LDC Workbook definitely helped prepare me for my lessons before I'd even got in the car! I really enjoyed learning to drive with Mike, and would like to thank him for helping me to pass my test! Thanks again Mike... Jenny"

Adbul AhamoodAdbul Ahamood
(2nd attempt - 3 driving faults - Warwick)
"First of all a big thank you to Mike for helping me pass my test. I started learning years ago and have had four different instructors but finally achieved my goal after I met Mike. Mike by far is the best instructor. Mike is a brilliant instructor. He has bags and bags of patience and possesses all those qualities, a professional instructor should have. His teaching techniques are awesome. He is very helpful, patient, and consistent. He always wants his pupils to be perfect drivers. Contrary to my previous experience I never felt bored during lessons. Infect I really enjoyed each and every lesson with Mike as well as greatly improved my confidence. Now I am looking forward to take my pass plus lessons with Mike, so I can further improve my driving skills. I would definitely recommend Mike as a driving instructor to every learner. He is simply the best."

Caroline FarrelCaroline Farrel
(1st attempt - 7 driving faults - Coventry)
One of my friends recommended Mike after she passed first time with him and I'm very glad she did! Mike is a brilliant instructor, I never thought that I would be able to pass first time but with Mikes excellent teaching and incredible patience I got there! He really knows his stuff and he strives for perfection which thoroughly prepared me for my test. Thanks for everything Mike!

Paul Wilson
(4th attempt - 6 driving faults - Warwick)
"Thanks so much to Mike, an excellent instructor who has the patients of a saint and is always calm and collective. As I am someone who gets quite nervous espically on test, Mike has offered an excellent enviroment for me on my lessons and always give fantasic feedback made from his observations improving every aspect of your driving beyond just passing the driving test. I have enjoyed my time with Mike as he is great laugh and very easy to get on with but also knows when to be serious and never stops teaching and fine tuning your skills. Looking forward to doing pass plus soon"

Emma WhiteheadEmma Whitehead
(1st attempt - 5 driving faults - Warwick)
"After taking a number of lessons back at home in London a year and a half ago, I decided to sort my driving out once and for all up in Warwick where I am at Uni. Mike turned out to be a diamond in teaching me to get to grips with Midlands driving! I wasn't expecting it to be so different but I ended up learning all over again, and I'm really glad I did it with Mike. He weaned me off my bad driving habits and taught me loads of stuff I didn't know before, such as residental roads are 30mph!! (Not so in London, I am still adamant). Mike also takes an interest in your personality and customises his teaching methods to suit you. I suppose you could say he believed in me when I didn't. :-) Cheers Mike!"

Fran WhiteFran White
(2nd attempt - 8 driving faults - Warwick)
Thanks so much to Mike for helping me pass my test. Mike is professional and a very good instructor indeed and I should know over the years I've had 6 instructors and Mike is far and away the best one! Mike is consistent, consistent, consistent and wants perfection - he really is an excellent instructor, for the test and for life driving. I am recommending Mike to any new learners - thanks again Mike! Fran

Luke TetlowLuke Tetlow
(1st attempt - 4 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike is a fantastic driving instructor, he is friendly, patient and extremely thorough - always pushing for perfection. Learning to drive with Mike was a joy and I always looked forward to my lessons, he is very good at working out why things are going wrong and advising how to improve the situation. I would recommend Mike to anybody, and he certainly ironed out my bad driving habits - making sure I am a safe competent driver. I am taking my Pass Plus with Mike so I can better improve my driving skills, prepare myself for Motorway driving and, the dreaded ring road! Thanks so much for your help Mike, and I'm looking forward to working towards the completion of my Pass Plus with you. Thanks Luke

Laura PayneLaura Payne
(1st attempt - 11 driving faults - Warwick)
I passed first time with Mike. I still can't believe I managed to pass, but Mike was such a great instructor and I got through it! I enjoyed my lessons, and every lesson was constructive, learning something new. I felt at ease straight away with Mike, which helped me to enjoy driving, as I previously hated it with my instuctor before I found Mike. He really is a great instructor and I will definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive! I will miss my lessons and driving round nice parts of Warwick and Kenilworth. I'm so greatful for everything. Thanks again!

(1st attempt - 7 driving faults - Coventry)
Mike is a very good teacher, this is the second time he has got me through at the first attempt (I had to retake my driving test because I got more than six points on my licence in the first 2 years - only five days left too) All the good habits from the first time around were still there with a bit of prompting from Mike. Thanks Mike Tendai

Kim McNair
(1st attempt - 5 driving faults - Warwick)
Well….. What can I say……? I passed my test first time with Mike. I'm not the easiest person in the world to teach but throughout my lessons Mike was patient and professional. He is very good at figuring out what type of person you are and how best you learn. He not only coached me through my lessons but also through my test, giving me tips and advice on how to combat nerves and giving me the confidence to pass. I've even learnt a few things about myself through Mike.

Every lesson was fun but challenging (in a good way). I always looked forward to my driving lessons. In every lesson and I learnt something new and progressed in my driving. Mike knows exactly what he is doing and explains things clearly, precisely and in a very accessible way. He strives for perfection from your driving which sets you in great stead for the scary times of driving without Mike. I still hear him prompting me at junctions, prompting me to check my left mirror and to check my crossroads (which I am now very good at J).

Thank you Mike for all of your encouragement and support. From the first lesson until the test you have been so positive and committed to helping me pass. You believed I could do it and therefore I did. It has changed my life (no more stinky buses for me) and I am grateful for that. You are a fantastic teacher and I am sure you will have great success for years to come. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for a driving instructor (and have done numerous times already). Thank you again Mike. Kim xx

Satvirhil SomalSatvirhil Somal
(3rd attempt - 4 driving faults - Warwick)
An outstanding instructor who has bags of patience and ability to teach the finer points & skills of driving, and knows all the test routes in Cov and Warwick. Through Mike's instruction, my driving became polished and I eventually flew through the test. Mike's enthusiasm absolutely shines through! I would truly recommend Mike to all learners who wish to have a painless and successful journey of learning to drive. Thanks ever so much Mike ! Satvir Somal Phil

Phil GriffithsPhil Griffiths
(1st attempt - 2 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike is a fantastic teacher. He works hard in every lesson to make sure you progress but will never gloss over any slight flaws. Everyone says driving is a skill for life and it is one that I feel I have learnt well, entirely because of Mike. He has a sense of humour and is very much a human being, which makes the lessons enjoyable. It's often daunting finding a new teacher but Mike's style of teaching made me feel very comfortable and definitely helped me to learn. When I picked things up quickly we would move on and progress but we would always go over areas I was struggling with. Patience is a virtue, and one that Mike certainly has. It is always difficult to read comments and truly appreciate the ability of the instructor, but as a teacher myself, I know that Mike has all of the qualities required and excels in his driving tuition. Mike was my first and last driving instructor, there is no need to go anywhere else. Driving, by the way, is going extremely well :) I love the freedom and it really has changed my life! I still check my left mirror and look in my blind spot ever time i set off :) I hope you are well Phil

Emma LayEmma Lay
(3rd attempt - 3 driving faults - Warwick)
I would recommend Mike to anyone wishing to learn to drive. He is a great teacher - patient and has a great sense of humour. He takes the time to explain things when you don't understand them and is brilliant at boosting your confidence; he's also very flexible in terms of when he can give lessons. It's taken me a while to get round to learning to drive and even though I didn't pass first time, I knew I would do it sooner rather than later, thanks to Mike's expertise. And I can still hear his voice in my head, calming me down and reminding me to check my mirrors when I'm driving around...! Thanks Mike - you've given me a skill for life! Emma

Zenon Texeria
(4th attempt - 2 driving faults - Coventry)
I would strongly recommend Mike as a driving instructor and take this opportunity to thank him for getting me through my test. I have had two previous instructors a few tears ago and I can say that Mike's ability to explain the simple mechanics of the car and the reasons why you make certain driving decisions were much better than my previous experiences. Mike describes scenarios clearly and makes them easy to understand and retain when out on the road.

Mike's ability to teach is a natural gift. His patience, analytical mind and communication skills are first class and I as a pupil benefited from this directly. I consider Mike a friend and hope that this isn't a reflection of how many hours I spent in the car but more the fact that we got on well and enjoyed the lessons and conversation.

Passing my test means the world to me and my family. I know that I am a safe and confident driver and that I will still have Mike's voice in my head when I'm driving solo telling me to check my blind spot. Do not hesitate in contacting Mike, it will be the most positive step you can take in achieving your goals ! Zenon Texeira Mike: Thanks Zenon, lovely comment. I really enjoyed teaching you....

Andrew Jumo
(2nd attempt - 7 driving faults - Coventry)
All i can say is Mike, you are the BEST! I spent a long time with you and it has been well worth it i can say. You really got to understand me and help me know more about myself too. Your lessons are made more relaxing by your ability to inject Good Humour and it makes it a much more pleasurable experience. (You didn't mind a bit when i said i'd pay you later too!!)I repeat it was money well spent. You immediately knew what to do when i made any errors and knew how to CORRECT me and ENCOURAGE me. Not only that it was your flexibilty around arranging driving sessions (times and dates)that helped a great deal.

I always looked forward to the next lesson full of confidence and was always ready to get going! You also provided me with materials such as the DVD's and books that helped me prepare for the next lesson and were great for my THEORY test as well. I won't forget the many routes that you taught me on and i'm certain all your pupils won't either!

I certainly would and will continue to recommend you to anyone i meet and those i work with. And by the way it won't be the last i see of you as i'm considering doing the PASS PLUS and there is no body else i would look for, for that but YOU!! Yours sincerely, Andrew Jumo. Mike: Thanks Andrew, I really looked forward to the lessons with you aswell...

Rachel Allen
(1st attempt - 7 driving faults - Coventry)
I would definitely recommend Mike- in fact I have done so to a few of my friends already. The comments on this page ring true of Mike personally and of his ability as an instructor.

When I first started (it was a very slow start for me!) Mike was so patient and constantly encouraging. Towards the end of my lessons Mike continued to encourage me and believe in my own driving ability which helped me really prepare and be confident for my test. I let Mike decide when he thought I would be ready to take my test- the comments on this page said that he had the experience and knowledge to know when I was ready to do so.

In the beginning, I had a lot of bad driving habits which Mike focused on to help me correct and was really supportive when I improved and began to drive more confidently.

I wanted a driving instructor that I felt safe and relaxed with and Mike definitely made me feel that way. Also, Mike has a fantastic sense of humour which made my lessons more enjoyable and I always looked forward to the next one - I didn't think I would feel that way about driving lessons, so that is a real talent, Mike!

I didn't ever feel silly when I made a mistake and it was great being able to joke about silly things I did with Mike.

Thanks for all of your help Mike. I look forward to doing my pass plus with you.

Calum Graley
(2nd attempt - 2 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike was a friendly, helpful instructor. Not only was his teaching very professional, the atmosphere was relaxed and I feel this aided my learning. Mike helped me to believe that I may actually be a good driver, and this confidence ultimately helped me pass my test. Overall, I would recommend Mike to anyone in the Coventry/Warwick areas. Thanks, Mike
Regards, Calum

Adam Barwell
(2nd attempt - 6 driving faults - Coventry)
In the short time I spent with Mike, he helped me gain confidence in my driving ability and pushed me all the way. Mike really knows the routes for the test centre, which really gives you a huge boost for your test, Also develops you into safe and competent driver for when you hit the road on your own. I defiantly have no complaints and would absolutely recommend Mike.

Said Masoud
(2nd attempt - 12 driving faults - Warwick)
Hi i just want to thank mike for changing me from being a bad driver to a good driver. he made me a safer confident driver. I loved the jokes as well after long manoeuvres. I would recommend mike to any learner. I love it when he doesn't mind when i say " ill pay you the rest next week ". Thanks mike all the best.

Mike Judson
(1st attempt - 4 driving faults - Coventry)
Thanks Mike, you pushed me all the way never let me get away with anything....and one of the routes you took me on in the mock test was the same route I got on my test. Brilliant!!!

Jo Finnie - 67 years young
(2nd attempt - 8 driving faults - Warwick)
I'm very very grateful to Mike. If I was going to us one word to sum Mike up it would be meticulous. He concentrated on my faults until he had corrected all my bad habbits, and believe me I had a few stubborn ones hanging around. But Mike doesn't just teach you to pass your test he goes further than that he makes you a safe driver. I have a new freedom to take my grand kids on trips.

Andrew Waite
(1st attempt - 5 driving faults - Coventry)
"I came to Coventry already having had driving experience with the big driving schools (mentioning no names...BSM!) and to be honest wasn't looking forward to learning to drive again. I had the impression that most driving school would drag out your driving to maxmise their profit and that you were just a number of a figure. There was a lack of the personal touch and they didnt seem to care if you passed or failed. I am glad to say that Mike changed my view and i rewared him with his version of "driving" gold dust (passed first time!). He is a very friendly, caring and most importantly honest man which are a rare breed. He was honest about my driving, praising me for my successes and helping me overcome my weaknesses. He most importantly though didnt drag out my driving to profit himself but was honest enough to say "your ready for your test". Hes made me a safer and more confident driver.

If you want to be a good driver, safe, confident driver who learns with a driver that cares and understands that driving is an extensive commitment...PICK MIKE CARR.

If you would rather waste your money and be a number or figure, and probably take much much longer (and spend much much more money) then chose one of the big driving schools. Personally i'd always chose the first choice!

Thanks Mike for all your help! All the best.
Regards Andy

Mike: Thanks Andrew that is a wonderful comment.... safe driving.

(3rd attempt - 4 driving faults - Warwick)
I just wanted to say Mike's excellent and professional tuition has given me the skills and confidence to be a safe and competent driver. I'd recommend anyone to get lessons with him for a fun yet focussed learning experience.

(1st attempt - 8 driving faults - Coventry)
Yea! Feels great passing first time, without facing any disappointment, immensely grateful to Mike for his devotion and professionalism, also thanks to LD system as it helped me sail through theory test and a real help in preparing for practical as well, saving me time and money by learning all practical aspects at home making learning joyful. I really appreciate Mike for paying so much attention to so minor details in my driving behaviour which I know other instructors wouldn't bother to.

I would definitely recommend Mike if you want to pass first attempt! Mike knows all those Hot-Spots (tricky roundabouts, awkward turns etc.) on his finger-tips that can give you trouble in the test if not fully prepared. Mike worked very hard for me and prepared me to his satisfactory standard in very short time. Once prepared all those Hot-Spots became a piece of cake when driving with examiner confidently and whole test felt merely a replay. He has also been very flexible and was happy to arrange lesson times suitable to my busy working hours.
Cheers Mike…! ;-)

Laura (1st attempt - 10 driving faults - Warwick)
Just want to say a massive thank you! I passed first time Yay! And Mike put up with me for long enough! Mike pushed me to pass and if im honest I probebly would have given up if he didnt have the faith in me... Its given me such a huge confidence boost, and I've gone from varying between good laura and bad laura to mostly good laura haha

I would reccommend Mike to all my little learner friends for sure :)
Thank you very much mike!!
From Good Laura!

(2nd attempt - 5 driving faults - Warwick)
Thanks for helping me pass my driving test, I am the happiest woman on the planet right now just knowing I can jump in a car and drive my daughter to wherever we want to go is an amazing feeling and its all thanks to you for putting up with me!

I would recommend Mike as he helped me so much. I lacked confidence when driving and he really brought me out of that and pushed me, he kept me calm throughout my lessons when I was a bit on edge he could tell and would stop me and just sit for a minute to calm down. Mike knows all the little tricks that make you a great driver and understands you inside out by the time you put in for your test. I am so happy to say that I passed second time, first time nerves got the better of me but Mike pushed me to put in for it again and this time I felt like I was totally ready to pass (even though the lense fell out my glasses half an hour before my test!) everything went well in the end. Since then I've been driving around knowing I am a safe and careful driver and that I have been taught well, just looking for my new car now! Thanks Mike !! :-)

Mike: Thanks Andrea, it was a pleasure teaching you...

(1st attempt - 6 driving faults - Coventry)
I just wanted to say a very big thankyou to you for your patience for the last 9 months. I am so so pleased that I passed my Test. It still doesn't actually feel real lol. My friend may well be starting lessons after Christmas. I have given her your card.

Dave Nulty
(2nd attempt - 7 driving faults - Warwick)
Just a quick note to say a MASSIVE thank you for helping me pass my driving test second time with seven minors!!

You were really patient and helpful even when I was getting it wrong.....which was often. I really feel you have helped bulid my confidence and have helped me too obtain a skill for life. The lessons were hard work but also very fun I also felt I went at a pace that suited me,but I really enjoyed how you pushed in certain areas and gave me " treats" if the lesson went well. I would also highly recommend "pass plus" as I found this very useful and informative. And also gave me a better understanding of driving in areas i had not had much experince in. Overall my learning to drive experince was hardwork but fun. I could not recommend mike enough he is "excellent" with a great understanding for what's needed to excel not only to test standard but beyond!! I remember saying to mike once if he could teach me he could teach anyone! Once again thank you mike for your patince and understanding.

Regards David.

Mike: Thanks Dave... lovely comment.

Daniel Lloyd
(2nd attempt - 8 driving faults - Warwick)
Mike helped me to build up my confidence to drive. He straightened out the problems I found along the way. He was very patient and understanding. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.
Thanks for all the help Mike.
Just be careful now I'm on the road!!! :p

Mike: I will be careful.... I'll look out for you....

(1st attempt - 6 driving faults - Warwick)
Thanks for getting me through it, I'll be sending my girlfriend yous way in a month or so. thanks ...

(1st attempt - 4 driving faults - Coventry)
Mike is an excellent driving instructor that explained each step in an understandable way. He encouraged my driving even when I lacked belief in myself which helped improve my confidence whilst on the road. Mike was very supportive throughout my learning process and i would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Mike.

PS/ I don't know how you managed to get me through it but you did... here's some beers for you to enjoy as a thankyou.

Mike: Thanks for the beers Charlie.... I did enjoy them.............hic.......

(3rd attempt - 5 driving faults - Coventry)
Thanks mike for the pass it was great to have you as my instructor not only did you help me pass you taught me to drive at a better standard and safer than most could i am grateful for my new skills and confidence in driving and appreciate your teaching and most of all patience. I also found the driving skills workbook really useful, especially in those early lesson when there is so much to learn.

(2nd attempt - 6 driving faults - Coventry)
Thanks for all your help Mike....

(1st attempt - 5 driving faults - Coventry)
I had failed my test 3 years ago being underprepared by a different intsructor and I then went off to uni. Mike taught me from scratch all over again. I found Mike to be very friendly and humourous and therefore the lessons were great fun, but I always found that the lessons were planned out and I really felt I had improved and achieved something after each lesson with Mike. I only had 3 months in which to pass as I was going to do my masters at uni at the end of the summer. Mike was really flexible and increased my lessons as I got closer to my test date to make sure I was completely prepared - and I passed with five driver faults! Thanks Mike!

(2nd - 8 driving faults - Coventry)
Thanks Mike for your very clear teaching and "Patience" which helped me pass my test, couldn't have done it without your help, your a great teacher. Will be in touch about my Pass Plus, thanks again.
Gemma Beckingham.

(1st attempt - 5 driving faults - Warwick)
As a Driving Instructer Mike is second to none, which is why I passed first time! He is patient, methodical and consistent. Mike eliminates doubts by being calm and customising the lesson to your needs. I was impressed at the way every time I got into the car he remembered what I was having difficulty with and dealt with the problem systematically. His relaxed manner and humour made our lessons enjoyable and I actually found myself looking forward to our weekly lesson. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike to anybody and everybody. Thank you Mike.
Claire Mullin

(1st attempt - 2 driving faults - Warwick)
I didn't realise how much hard work it was learning to drive. I found the lessons were fun but also sometimes I got fustrated, but you've full of patience and you helped me through it. You got me to the test standard and didn't put me in for my test too early, but you knew when I would be ready. I just need to get my car back on the road and then I'll get back in touch for my PASSPLUS.

(1st attempt - 3 driving faults - Warwick)
I just picked you as my driving instructor completely at random. I think I got real lucky. Passed 1st attempt with only 3 driving faults. Thanks Mike

(2nd attempt - Coventry)
I really looked forward to my lessons with Mike and I also enjoyed them. He explained each step in learning to drive in very simple terms and made it easy for me to understand exactly what I had to do. At the end of each lesson I felt I'd got a little bit closer to being able to drive on my own. Thanks for getting me through my test, I owe you a beer....

(1st attempt - Warwick)
Thanks for getting me through my test at the 1st attempt Mike, I would never have passed without your help. Even though I have been driving an automatic for years I never realised how many bad habbits I had got. Now thanks to your excellent teaching method I can now change from an automatic car to a manual. thanks again Yannan.

Queeny Sony
Mike is very experienced instructor. Four of my friends are all taught by him and we all been happily passed. Mike is always encouraging me with lots of patience. It was so helpful especially when I first time failed in the test. Now I am a proper driver, thanks Mike.

Luke Spellman
Mike you've got bags and bags of patience, you must have to get me through my test. When I get a car I'll be back in touch to do pass plus..

Danielle Hunt
Thanks Mike you've been fantastic. I have been taught by other instructors before but I never felt like I was getting anywhere with them I didn't feel confident or in control with them. But with you, you installed the belief and confidence in me to get me through my test, thanks again.

Jake Brown
Thanks for getting me through the test. Your a good driving instructor. I've got some mates who want to learn to drive, I'll definitely tell them about you.

Faye Vincent
Mike is an ecellent driving instructor. I not only passed my test first time (with only two driving faults) but I also feel like I'm actually a REALLY SAFE DRIVER. I also enjoyed all my driving lessons, which is one thing I thought I would never say. I am now going to do PASS PLUS with Mike, because as Mike says "there are alot of idiots on the road", and I want to be as safe I can.

Michelle Leadbrook
I would like to thank Mike for all his hard work, confidence building and patience with me. I had failed 3 times before with other instructors and I thought I would never pass. I never really used to look forward to driving lessons but with Mike my lessons were fun and I really looked forward to them. It was still hard work but thanks to Mike I passed first time and only got 6 driving faults ...... BRILLIANT...ps/ yes I would recommend him.

Sanick Patel
Comment: After a long break from any form of driving, Mike reinstalled the confidence and determination of driving back into me. After lessons I realised how smoothly my route back into driving was and with the support of Mike I began to see quick success to. The three best benefactors of learning with Mike - PATIENCE, DIRECTNESS and VALUE FOR MONEY !!

Mike is the second instructor that I have had since begging to learn to drive. While driving with Mike I feel more relaxed. He is always calm in any situation and this gived me an added sense of confidence (that I didn't feel with my previous instructor) that allows me to enjoy my driving. He is relaxed and creates conversation to make the lesson more enjoyable and more personal. I would highly recomend Mike to anybody wanting to learn to drive.