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About me

A little bit of information about me

About me
I have been teaching people to drive in and around the Coventry area now since 2002 and It's a job I really enjoy.

What do I enjoy about the job? Well I like getting to meet new people all the time. I'm also teaching them a valuable skill which they will keep all their life; and of course the best part is being there when they pass their test (hopefully 1st time).

My policy: To make you a good driver and at the same time make you a safe driver. Although learning to drive can be hard work and I  appreciate a lot of people can get nervous; I will always remain calm, I've got bags of patience, and I will try to make learning to drive fun aswell.

So if your after an Instructor who has lots of patience for someboby who really tries hard then I'm the instructor for you.

Let me explain what my mission statement is and why....

Learning to Drive is a Life Skill  -  Be Safe for Life

Lets face the facts, roads are getting busier. In the last 20 years an extra 10 million cars have gone onto the roads, that's alot of traffic. People used to say you pass your test and then you learn how to drive. It might have been like that 20 years ago, but with the extra 10 million cars on the roads things have changed.

When I teach you, not only will you become an excellent driver but also a safe driver. When you pass your test you will NOT then learn how to drive; you will already be driving at your best and you will simply be gaining further experience from your driving.

That is why I believe learning to drive is a Life Skill, and after your test you will be a safe driver for life.